Acrylic Mirror, NY Times Newsprint

Exhibited at Full Circle Show, Rockland Center for the Arts

The brief for this exhibit called for a circular piece of art inspired by a section cut of a tree felled on the grounds of the art center.

I realized a tree’s cross section cut serves as its obituary – disclosing its age and major life events. 

I habitually read obituaries and decided to make a receptacle to house a week’s work of obituaries from my hometown paper, the New York Times.  Holes of various sizes were laser-cut into a double layer of acrylic mirror, and the printed obituaries were rolled up and inserted into these holes.  There are more holes than obituaries, since many of us do not receive this honor.  The act of cutting, rolling and inserting these memorials felt intimate, akin to a religious gesture, like placing a prayer note in a crevice of a wall or at a temple.  Reading obituaries provokes self-reflection, hence the use of mirror as the material for this piece.

O-Bit Front PMG.jpg
O-Bit Oblique PMG.jpg
O-Bit Side Smaller PMG.jpg